HauzPlant Favorites Box


I am beyond elated to bring this box of favorites to you all. My favorites box contains 11 items valued at over $200 for only $149 + $18 shipping. Today only (1/5/21) if you order, the box will be $111.

I only have 25 boxes available, so quantities are very limited. Everything will be packaged with love and care. Why 11, well 11 equals a new beginning, what better way to start the new year than with new beginnings and better items to make your plant parent life much easier.

As a plant parent I’m always curious about what others use in their home to help make their lives easier. I decided to create this curated box full of practical yet essential items I use in order to stay sane and keep my collection throwing and beautiful.

Remember there are ONLY 25 Boxes available. Once they’re gone that’s it.

To Purchase: email hauzplant@gmail.com

As mentioned the HauzPlant Favorites Box will contain :

1: 4in Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess x1

2: Mini Broom & Dustpan x1

3: Handmade Macrame Hanger x1

4: Handmade Mini Copper Trellis x1

5: Bamboo Plant Label x5

6: 6in Iron Plant Ring Holder x1

7: TerraCotta Watering Spike x1

8: 4in Stone Plant w/ Hand Set Copper detail x1

9: Trio of Garden Tools

10: Glass Spray Mister x1

11: Cozy Tropical Plant Socks x1

To Purchase email hauzplant@gmail.com to receive an invoice via PayPal.

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